Constanta Casino WW2 pillboxes

Around Constanta Casino promenade, and even integrated into the monument’ structure, there is a vast system of German pillboxes from the period of the Second World War, most of them built in 1944, in anticipation of an imminent Soviet Army invasion.

As we know, the act of 23 August 1944 messed up all the plans of the German army, and the future of Romania. There are many opinions about the pillboxes of the Casino area and many decades have passed since then, but it appears that those machine guns really opened fire agains Soviet Navy. It is difficult to specify facts, most of the documents, the archives, regarding the construction and the operation of these pillboxes were destroyed during the USSR occupation. The Army knows many details, but it keeps a secret for some reasons, so everything had to be discovered, analyzed and deduced, now, in situ.

I must specify that all pillboxes and bunkers are abandoned and access is blocked. It seems to have been decommissioned and closed immediately after the war; these constructions are, today, real time machines, somehow untouched by decades of communism or the victory of the imposture, specific for the post-1989 period. Those walls are bridges to the real, unaltered, 1930’s Romanian fiber.
There are almost 70 years since these pillboxes levitates above the inexorable passage of time, and times. Now we can discover them, and, maybe remember a Kingdom of Romania, which, although “betting” on the loser horse in World War II (and it paid a heavy price for that), did everything with dignity, from the position of the second European ally of Germany. Gentlemen, I invite you on a journey inside the WW2 pillboxes of the Casino. You’ll see, for the first time, unique images from inside these pillboxes forgotten by time, somewhere, in 1945 …

Harta cazemate Cazino


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