Drain gallery on Casino promenade, Naval Forces Headquarters area

The drainage tunnel, dug in the cliff’s promenade, next to the Naval Forces Headquarters has generated interest in the circles of urban explorers of underground Constanta. Due to its location, between WW2 pillboxes and machine gun nests, built in the years of Axis alliance and also, due to its fairly large size, this gallery has raised many questions. Now we’ll try to provide answers.

The tunnel was build by digging into the Casino promenade cliff, right in the Naval Forces Headquarters. It’s made from reinforced concrete and consists of two “half-egg”, with different textures: the bottom part is very well finished, the top is roughly worked, in some places revealing the reinforcement. The gallery is oval shaped, with hmax = 140 cm and lmax = 90 cm. Its length is difficult to assess, because the tunnel is done in segments with vertical level difference of 1.4 m, each segment is placed higher than the neighboring seaward segment. Obviously, for technical reasons, to create a slope water flow.
Just 2 m from the entrance, we’ll encounter a sewer shaft (the lid can be easily located on the promenade).

Advancing the tunnel, I’m surprised it is quite a clean gallery, and that reveals its main destination – rainwater/wall condensation drain. I said its main destination because the simple dimensions of the tunnel and its location in the Admiralty area, indicate that they have been designed the tunnel as an escape route, if necessary.
It’s a relatively dark tunnel, the transition between segments is only visible from nearby. As we pushed further into the tunnel, the water level increased slightly, to a maximum of 15 cm. Life forms appear: small, white bugse (Aryan) and very friendly. On the first photo below, bad thoughts lead me to the image of a vagina, just used a bit 😆 Those leaks have their humor too …

Once in the junction area of transition to the higher segment, we meet another sewer shaft, accessible from the cliff area. At the end of the segment there is also a pipe of 30 cm diameter, which comes somewhere from NW, but is clogged.

Glancing into the next upper segment, we see that it is shorter and makes a point junction with another segment, also at 1.4 m higher than the previous one. Junction area is equipped with another sewer, whose lid is placed on green area next to the Admiralty.
I guess the last segment, the upper output is leading somewhere in the building of Navy Headquarters, which would have provided an opportunity to evacuate personnel. However, the role of the gallery, no doubt, remains the drainage of rainwater/condensation.

It’s time to get outside and shine! No gentlemen, you will not find Hitler’s or Mengele’s bodies into these galleries, but a visit to the dark tunnel is an interesting experience, at least architecturally.
Welcome to Black Sea shore! 😎

I wonder how many of those who were walking on the promenade, accompanied or alone with their memories and frustrations brought to treatment at Casino, have even thought of the world a few meters under their steps, a world that evoke times long gone? …



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