Constanta Casino WW2 pillbox bunker (B)

Pillbox B is actually a small bunker dug into the Casino promenade. Together with pillbox ‘C’ is part of a two pillboxes system built this way. The shooting holes are almost on sea level used to defend the East side (pillbox B) and South side (pillbox C).

Let’s have a look inside. The structure is in very good condition, considering it was built 70 years ago. Most of stair treads are rusted completely, otherwise the pillbox is in fairly good shape. Unlike the classic, external-build pillboxes, these pillboxes had no plaster work, the wall shows the reinforced concrete layer.

We are talking about a parallelepiped-shaped pillbox, length and width estimated to 3m and the height something bigger, maybe 4m. Machine gun operator used to stay upright, the shooting hole is about 1.5 to 1.7 m from the ground.

Lots of PET bottles lay down the floor, it looks like the XXI century society found that pillbox long before us. Interesting how these packages there may access shaft (of which we have no pictures yet) corresponds to the basement of the Casino. The access is possible via this manhole, next to the Casino garage.

These two pillboxes are the most easily accessible of all those in the Casino area, but at the same time, and the lesser known to the locals. The reason is easy to imagine – these small bunkers are “carved” in the cliff, unnoticed, just one of the shooting opening is barely visible.


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