Constanta Casino WW2 pillbox bunker (C)

Twin bunker of the one I’ve presented in the previous article. Similar architecture, but the shooting opening is facing towards South.

On the interior, the bunker in a structurally in good shape. Only exposed reinforcement (step ladder) has completely rusted, most steps are gone. Sea took its tribute.

Fewer PET bottles and waste on the floor, this pillbox seems not to have been visited by many decades. Note also the rusted remains the gun mounting.

Compared with the pillbox type, these two small bunkers had no exhaust system for the cordite vapors, also the gun mounting steel plate holes are different. The shooting window is small on vertical plan, the gun would have been handled mostly horizontally, SE to SW. It looks like these these bunkers were equipped with smaller caliber machine guns, as compared with the pillboxes. Here is a comparison between the two systems.

The access into the bunker was made via a manhole, disguised with a sewer lid, located right above the bunker. The shaft is not straight, there is an intermediate floor, which facilitate the transport of ammunition, in addition, avoided as certain “objects” to drop directly inside the bunker.


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