Constanta Casino German WW2 Pillbox (A)

Trapezoidal pillbox, with two shooting-holes, one towards East, the other one facing West (the shipyard). The fortress was build next to the Casino’ substructure, probably in 1944, as defense against the USSR navy.

On the inside, the pillbox presents itself in a good state; as being built above sea level was not affected by moisture/flooding, compared to the other pillboxes on the area. Even the plaster has withstood the passage of time, and you’ll notice the fixing devices screws and some clenches still hanging on the walls.

The weaponry, the periscope and the ventilation pipes were dismantled after the war and just a few visits were payed since.

The pillbox used to be accessed via one of those manholes. The interior pics depicted a gangway towards West (the harbour direction), so the orange highlighted manhole cover seems the to be the way inside the pillbox. Obviously, we can’t exclude the possibility as both manholes to be access routes.

Panoramic view on the East & South front of the pillbox, plus the West front (note the the cordite gases exhaust flange).

Cazemata Cazino (A)

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Cazemata Cazino (A) 44.170192, 28.663405




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