Constanta Casino promenade WW2 pillbox (E)

Pillbox type bunker, similar to that presented in the precedent article (pillbox D), with two differences this pillbox is positioned “in the mirror”, his shooting opening facing towards North and also it lacks the periscope. Anyone who has walked on Constanta Casino promenade knows this WW2 construction. But only on the outside…

Flooded almost up to shooting opening, the pillbox is strongly affected by 70 years of salt water and wave action. Concrete reinforcement is mostly rusted and we can’t see any trace of periscope or the duct ventilation system. The modern consumerist society won again, a PET bottle sailed through unknown tunnels and just anchored in the pillbox.

Odd enough, there are two steps going up… to the ceiling. Probably played a role as supports for pipes or cables. Plaster of the ceiling collapsed, showing that these two pillboxes will not catch other 70 years.

The shooting opening shows the walls thickness, estimated at 1.5 m. Next pic – overview of the two twins pillboxes, from D to E.




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