The mysterious shaft to pillboxes D si E (part II)

Last week I’ve published an article, analyzing the access shaft to the pillboxes D and E of the Casino promenade.

Besides what I’ve already expected to – the tunnel to the pillboxes, the images also revealed the presence of one or two pretty large, clogged grilles, and an mysterious opening in the floor of the shaft. In the absence of conclusive analysis, using only the pictures, we could not exclude the possibility of a lower level, below the sea level.

Today we return with new information. After checking the height of the shaft  we obtained the following data Рthe well has a depth of 5 m, and the floor opening is actually a small dent, with a height of only 20 cm. So, not a door to the depths and no gate to other worlds.

How I did it: I used a cable with a ballast in the end to determine depth. After measurements, I have let a stone fall in the shaft’s floor opening. The result is displayed in the pictures below.

Returning to the two grills on the northern part of the shaft, it may hide a room or a small gallery. What is certain is that there is an empty space just after the grills, as the plate of the promenade collapsed a few cm in the area.


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